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The Oratorio Society of Virginia strives to inspire and enrich communities
in Central Virginia through the transformational power and joy
of great choral music.

Expectations of Singers

The Oratorio Society is a volunteer organization. Membership means you have joined a musical society and have taken on your share of the responsibility for bringing first-rate musical performances to the community.

The Singers, the Board of Directors, and special friends of the Society invest many hours in the rehearsing, planning, publicizing, staging, and presentation of our concerts. Our concerts happen because we all master the music, sell tickets, tote chairs and risers, participate in fund-raising, tack up posters, and surrender a few weekends to rehearsing and performing.

The rewards of this labor are substantial. The exceptional quality of our concerts, year after year, reflects the commitment and hard work of every Society member. In addition, each member benefits personally from two semesters of superb teaching and vocal training under the tutelage of our music director.

Getting Involved

Every member of the Society is encouraged to help with something to produce our concerts. Please support our efforts in these ways:

Member Dues and Other Expenses


Pre-concert Rehearsals

Rehearsal Etiquette


Section Leaders

Concert Dress

Our concert dress is formal and conservative. We aim for a high degree of uniformity so that the audience sees one choral body, not a collection of individual fashion statements. If you have questions about the suitability of items you plan to wear, ask your section leader; he or she will arrange to have someone help you. Standards of dress for ladies and gentlemen follow.



Singer Contracts

To perform in any concert, every singer (as well as the director, soloists and orchestra members), must sign a contract whose main purpose is to assign rights to the Society for the future use of any recordings. A copy of the agreement is available here to print, and applies to the whole season. You should complete your personal details and sign it before it is countersigned by the Society’s president. If you would like a copy for your own records, two completed copies should be submitted and one will be returned after countersignature.

Address and Phone Number

Call the Society phone number for “emergency” information such as cancellations due to inclement weather and so forth. Your section leader or other Oratorio Society member will notify you of cancellations whenever possible.

The Oratorio Society of Virginia
PO Box 5073 Charlottesville, VA 22905